Making the Switch to Plant-Based Living

Talk of plant-based living is gaining traction in 2019 and drawing masses with its science-backed research showing improvements in health and wellness of individuals. Unlike fad diets,  people can safely carry out this way of eating for rest of their lives. Plant-based dieters don’t experience any negative effects from making simple changes, and they don’t have the need to deprive the body of necessary nutrients just for results.

A traditional American diet is way more restrictive in comparison. A wide varieties of plant-based ingredients make meal combinations nearly endless. The popularity of plant-based living into mainstream awareness is inspiring more people in the food and beverage industry to creatively fill the need with delicious and innovative dishes and products. It’s is also easily learned and accessible, and it doesn’t have to break the bank either.

Plant-based is all about whole foods. Whole foods are ingredients or products that have minimal amount of processing, if any at all. Choose alternatives for traditional food items to obtain a greater concentration of nutrients while enjoying them how nature intended. Even if you feel like you cannot live without any meat at all, this diet allows for light use of animal byproduct. Although it’s more often considered a vegan diet, it does welcome protein from animals in small amounts. This is what I believe has caused such a boost in the public acceptance. It is important to give it a go and try to eliminate the use of animal byproducts; however, if you don’t, it don’t feel bad about it.

Next time you are at the grocery store, reach for organic raw nuts, fresh fruits, vegetables and healthy fats made from plant sources. When you head into the aisles, look at the nutritional labels and bring your eye to ingredients section. You want to see how many whole ingredients it contains. Do steer clear of products with preservatives and additives. If you are a pasta lover like me, there is a large variety of alternatives available. A few of my favorites are spelt pastas, chickpea pastas and veggie noodles. Just remember to look for products with whole grains or pastas made with a legume or vegetable.

Curious about the benefits? People experience ease of weight management, muscle growth and weight loss all while preventing, lowering risk or even reversing diseases that plague our society. To make the switch to plant-based is a moment of empowerment.  You will realize you have the control to reach goals you have yourself when you make the decisions in a conscious way. Life shouldn’t be about giving things up; it should be a celebration of what is good! If it is good for you, that’s even better. —Nataly Blowe, founder and executive chef at Revel Luxe Chef Service

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