Beautiful Sweets Organic Bakery Halloween Cookies

Boo! Though the kids really get all the glory (and treats) on Halloween, us grown-ups deserve a well-deserved sugar high as well. That’s where Beautiful Sweets Organic Bakery comes in. (You may have seen the products featured on The Food Network, “The Today Show” and “The Early Show.” ) This Colorado-based company offers all-natural, hand-baked, organic sugar cookies–much more guilt-less than snacking in your tot’s slew of Reese’s, candy corn and M&M’s, huh? They actually source all of their ingredients from small family farms and organic coops that support living wages and sustainable farms. Plus, the cookies come in adorable motifs, including a spooky selection of pumpkins, witches, ghosts, black cats and more. In fact, there are more than 500 different designs Beautiful Sweets Organic Bakery’s repertoire. And, luckily, these ghoulish goodies aren’t just fun to look at. Beautiful Sweets Organic Bakery goods are darn delish too.

  1. Growing and consuming organic foods was the normal way of life for our forefathers. Most people are not aware that synthetically packaged foods (made with synthetic ingredients and chemicals to prolong the preservation process) really only came around in the mid 1900s. Today, many smart consumers have returned to this healthier practice of eating fresh and organically grown foods where the production process is devoid of non-organic pesticides, insecticides, and herbicides.

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