Travel Like a Celebrity at the LAX Private Terminal

Whether you’re avoiding the paparazzi or simply wish to travel with an extra layer of privacy and security, The Private Suite, PS at Los Angeles International Airport will have you on your way in the utmost luxury.

Don’t bother with the stress of navigating airport crowds. Located in a completely separate area from the crowded public terminal, PS at LAX offers the safest and most private way to fly commercial.  

Benefits include:

  • A back door to your aircraft
  • Personalized guest services, before and after your flight
  • Quick and easy TSA screenings on departures, Customs and Immigration on arrivals
  • Luggage assistance and personal delivery
  • A BMW escort across airfield, directly to cabin door
  • Beautifully designed indoor and outdoor lounges with salon, spa and entertainment amenities
  • The best dining in Los Angeles, at your fingertips

The cost for a one-way flight is $3,150 for members, which includes up to four travelers. Each additional traveler is $500. Non-members can book for $4,150.

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  1. Oh, the luxury of hassle-free travel, not to mention the customized in-flight services that you’ll experience according to your liking.
    I’m so excited to travel next year. Thanks for this, Christina!

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