Scottsdale Named One of the Best Places for a Dog-Friendly Vacation

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Out of 30 cities in the U.S., Scottsdale, Ariz. ranks in the top five for most dog-friendly vacation spots. Leaving the pooch back at home can lead to separation anxiety, costs for boarding or dog sitting and feeling like the whole family isn’t there for the family vacation. That’s why dog-friendly cities are perfect for bringing Fido along for the trip.

Scottsdale offers visitors a vast array of things to do and places to visit including hiking for all skill levels, over 100 art galleries, golf courses and more. What’s more, Scottsdale also happens to be the fifth most dog-friendly city in the U.S.

Dog-Friendly Hotels

There are over 20 hotels and resorts and about 100 more homestays in Scottsdale that offer pet-friendly stays. Pet fees vary along with the size and the number of dogs. Below is a list of dog-friendly hotel and resort stays here in Scottsdale, but for a more thorough look you can check out BringFido’s lodging page.

Dog-Friendly Restaurants

Another awesome part of Scottsdale’s dog-friendly community is +120 restaurants in the city that allow pups on the patio. Below are a few of the highest-rated dining spots that your furry friend can accompany you to.

Pet Shops

Scottsdale’s pet shops range from big-name brands like Petsmart to locally-owned businesses. If you’re worried about forgetting or running out of pet supplies on your vacation then fear not because Scottsdale has plenty of pup shops to choose from.

Dog-Friendly Parks

It’s important to give our pups a break, even on vacation. That’s why Scottsdale hosts several off-leash dog parks for residents and guests alike.

Dog-Friendly Hikes

Your fluffy friend can burn plenty of energy here in Scottsdale by checking out the nine dog-friendly hiking spots in the city along with many more in the greater Phoenix area. Every hiking trail in Scottsdale has beautiful views of the desert valley and gorgeous Arizona sunsets.

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