Inhale Vacation: Le Labo is Releasing its Full City Exclusives Collection Online

If our sense of smell is what’s most closely tied to our memories, then why not bottle up the scent of vacation so we can spritz it on every day and pretend we’re still hanging out in London?

Consider that the goal of New York-based Le Labo Fragrances whose signature City Exclusives collection seemingly captures the scents of 11 different cities to create a wanderlust-inducing line of perfumes. From Tokyo nights to sunny San Francisco days and beyond, the line has become a favorite of jet-setting travelers. Why? Because you have to travel to get them. Each city’s fragrance is available in Le Labo stores in that city and that city only. So if you’re hoping to douse yourself in the captivating smells of Paris, then you’ll have to book a flight to the City of Lights to get your hands on the pretty glass bottle. Just think of it as a passport stamp for your dresser.

But don’t start cashing in vacation days so fast. The high-ticket beauty souvenirs can soon be yours without boarding a plane. Available September 1, Le Labo is releasing its full-size City Exclusives Collection in all Le Labo boutiques across the world and online. Get your hands on all 11 of the scents from the comfort of your couch for four weeks only. Choose from the passionate scents of Moscow in the Benjoin 19, a mix of olibanum, amber, cedar, musk, or the jazzy, peppery hints of Chicago in Baie Rose 26.

Can’t choose? For just $60 (and available now!) you can get your hands on the City Exclusive Discovery Set, a collection of five 0.05 oz. samples of the most popular City Exclusive fragrances including Gaiac 10 (Tokyo), Mousse De Chene 30 (Amsterdam), Musc 25 (Los Angeles), Tubereuse 40 (New York) and Vanille 44 (Paris).

Each of the 11 scents are offered in a variety of products like perfume oil, liquid balm and more. Individual prices range from $12 for a mini sample size up to $1,740 for the 16.9 oz. eau de parfum.

Sample sizes and the City Exclusive Discovery Set are available now through September 30. The full-size City Exclusives Collection will be available September 1-30.

For more information, and to get your hands on the scents, visit:

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