Rooftop Spa Opens Above Panama Hotel


In the language of luxury, what is a hotel without a spa, and what is a spa without a menu of treatments involving only the finest ingredients with the intent of doing nothing else than rejuvenate and relax? In the center of Panama City, framed by the Financial Center and premier shopping, nightlife, cultural attractions and the city’s finest restaurants, stands the Bristol Panama. With its recent expansion to include 111 new rooms, suites and condominiums, the hotel also opened its doors—or rooftop, rather—to the swanky new Spa alongside the 8º58′ Lounge and new Sal Si Puedes restaurant.


The Spa at Bristol combines organic elements and innovative products to deliver outstanding spa journeys including facials, massage and full-body treatments for men and women. Guests are immersed in a space where gold and silver tones offer an elevated shelter from the chaos of everyday life.

Ancient civilizations considered gold to be the sun’s tears, believing its properties would foster a calm and wise mind. Silver, considered an energy conduit from the moon, emphasized the feminine side of life. These two tones come together in the spa’s décor, defining the luxurious and peaceful ambience of The Spa at Bristol.


Alongside the four individual treatment rooms, one couples’ treatment room, one vichy shower, men and women’s steam rooms, and a full-service beauty salon, the waiting areas also boast panoramic views of Panama City. While relaxing between treatments, guests can enjoy refreshing and rejuvenating spa cuisine and beverages prepared especially by Panama’s famed Chef Cuquita Arias de Calvo. And they haven’t left out the younger generation. Teenagers can enjoy specially designed facials and massages for younger skin.

A selection of treatments available at The Spa at Bristol include:

Volcano Touch, 45 min: The warm rain of the vichy shower unwinds the mind while handcrafted Obsidian stones massage the body.

Anton Valley Mood, 60 min: A gentle and soft natural treatment that delivers essentials minerals to skin. Enjoy a light lymphatic massage along with steamy rain, the perfect way to detoxify the body. A soothing application of a moisturizing emulsion completes the experience.

Solace Facial: Escape from reality by experiencing this luxurious facial designed to soothe the complexion while relaxing the body. A thorough cleansing and soothing Aromatherapy Oil Massage to the face, neck and shoulders is followed by a facial mask containing calming plant extracts. The result is a radiant complexion and relaxed body.

Aroma-reflexology, 60 min: Inspired by thousand-year-old Chinese culture prevalent in Panama City, this reflexology treatment takes on a new dimension. A selection of essential oils is available to deeply connect mind with soul while a vigorous reflexology foot massage relaxes the entire body.

The Bristol Bristol Body Polish Bar: While you enjoy the Spa’s signature foot bath in the comfort of your Spa suite, one of their therapists will present to you a fine selection of organic body scrub, body butter and body mist (Herbal, Marina or Ayurvedic).  Design your very own spa body renewal and watch as your favorite ingredients are whisked into your own customized blend.

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