Hotel Xcaret Arte Honors Artist Leonora Carrington’s Sculptural Works With Limited-Time Exhibition

Hotel Xcaret Arte in Playa del Carmen, Mexico is paying homage to the legacy of artist Leonora Carrington by showcasing her mesmerizing sculptural work “Alchemy in Bronze and Imaginary Labyrinths” from now until September 17. 

Dedicated to promoting Mexican art and fostering a profound connection between guests and artistic expression, Hotel Xcaret Arte provides an “All-Fun Inclusive” experience within sustainable spaces, promoting a harmonious relationship with art and sustainability.

Leonora Carrington, a trailblazing, British-born female artist of the 20th-century avant-garde movement, found refuge in Mexico during World War II, where she forged strong bonds with fellow exiled artists and developed an enduring affection for the country’s rich culture and people.

Throughout her illustrious career, Carrington explored multiple artistic mediums, including painting, sculpture, writing and set design, leaving an indelible mark on the art world. This exhibition serves as a captivating tribute to a part of Carrington’s remarkable artistic journey and highlights just one of her many diverse talents.

Carrington’s creations were deeply influenced by music, magic and esotericism, resulting in a fantastical lens through which she viewed the world. Although her sculptures often depicted everyday occurrences, they infused an enchanting sense of magic, offering viewers a glimpse into her extraordinary imagination.

The exhibition features an impressive array of sculptures that Carrington crafted between 1999 and 2011. Each sculpture reveals ancestral and sacred feminine figures, guiding visitors into new and imaginative realms. Drawing inspiration from magic, Celtic mythology, Kabbalah and fantasy, these sculptures resonate with the mystique of the ages.

Among the featured sculptures are: “Paseo a caballo” (Horseback Ride), “Arpista” (Harpist), “Bandolonista” (Mandolinist), “Cantante Muda” (The Mute Singer), “Nigromante” (Necromancer), “Máscara de Gato” (Cat Mask), “La Dama Oval” (The Oval Lady), “Serpiente Voladora” (Flying Snake), “Mariposa Mantarraya” (The Manta Ray Butterfly) and “La hija del Minotauro” (The Minotaur’s Daughter).

Guests visiting the exhibit will be transported into Carrington’s mystical realm, courtesy of the Velasco Artistic Collection Foundation.

Set amidst the enchanting Jardín del Arte, the temporary exhibit is presented as a symbolic map with seven pathways. Carrington’s fascination with her Kabbalistic number seven, representing pivotal moments in her artistic journey, is beautifully encapsulated within these pathways. These moments, liberated from linear temporality, reflect the profound life experiences and acquired wisdom that shaped her extraordinary artistic expression.

“Alchemy in Bronze and Imaginary Labyrinths” stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of a visionary artist who continues to inspire and enchant audiences worldwide.

Hotel Xcaret Arte is nestled in the heart of the enchanting Mayan Riviera, offering breathtaking views of the glistening Caribbean Sea. Surrounded by the natural beauty of the region, the resort perfectly complements the artistic journey of Leonora Carrington, evoking a sense of wonder and inspiration. 

Round transportation from the airport to the resort and its parks comes with the All-Fun Inclusive concept included with each reservation. Learn more at

Photos courtesy Hotel Xcaret Arte

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