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Experience Mexican Culture in Luxury With These Microadventures

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Don’t you just feel like all-inclusive resorts are such a wonderful luxury? There is something about not having to remember to bring your wallet with you everywhere, and just being able to walk away from dinner right after your last bite that feels so nice.


That’s just one of the reasons that Grand Velas Riviera Maya is one of the area’s top resorts. And to make things even better, Grand Velas Riviera Maya has introduced new experiences for guests that are already a huge hit: Insider Microadventures.


Microadventure 1: Chichen Itza

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The most famous Mayan ruins located in Riviera Maya are definitely a must when you’re visiting. The ruins of this city that stand today are what’s left of the largest pre-Columbian city built by the Mayans. It was erected somewhere between 750 and 900 AD.

And Grand Velas has the ultimate way for you to take in the incredible sight. The resort offers guests a private tour guide to explore the wonders of Chichen Itza. Once you’ve toured the ancient city, you’ll also enjoy a 3-course lunch featuring local favorites. Then, a post-lunch swim in one of the area’s cenotes (a natural sink hole) is the ideal way to wrap up this fabulous adventure.

This three-night adventure starts at $3,960.


Microadventure 2: Uxmal and Merida

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This exploration takes guests through the ruins of the largest city on the Yucatan Peninsula — Uxmal. Uxmal is a site that holds a great deal of importance in Mayan culture. The archaeological finds that have been unearthed here have taught us a great deal about Mayan art, architecture, lifestyle, and overall culture.

As part of your Grand Velas microadventure, a private guide will tour you around the site, including the Pyramid of the Magician as well as the Governor’s Palace.

Next, you’ll head to Merida to tour the fabulous city and enjoy your lunch in a local eatery. A carriage ride down the Paseo de Montejo provides incredible views of the stunning homes that line the street.

This three-night adventure starts at $4,545.


Curious how you’ll get to these fabulous locations? Thanks to Grand Velas Mayas Riviera, you’ll arrive to your microadventure via private transportation in a CESSNA 206 single-engine plane.


To find out more about these exciting adventures, and to book your microadventure today, visit here.

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