Phoenix Ranks in Top 10 U.S. Cities for 2020 Travel

Travel is starting to pick up with the start of summer upon us. However, according to global group bookings site HotelPlanner, travelers aren’t headed to the typical beach destinations that are usually top of mind at this time of year. HotelPlanner used their bookings data to reveal the top 10 booked cities for the remainder of the year, with Phoenix coming in at No. 4.

Top 10 Booked Cities

  1. Albuquerque, NM
  2. Savannah, GA
  3. Nashville, TN
  4. Phoenix, AZ
  5. Florence, SC
  6. Chattanooga, TN
  7. Pigeon Forge, TN
  8. Oklahoma City, OK
  9. Orlando, FL
  10. Salt Lake City, UT

Here’s what Bruce Rosenberg, President of the Americas for Hotel Planner, had to say about why Phoenix made the list:

“We are seeing the most bookings in the following U.S. cities. These cities are seeing a dramatic uptick in bookings for both the upcoming summer months and the rest of 2020. We are positing that a lot of these bookings are smaller cities or are geographically near smaller and more outdoorsy towns and national parks. Phoenix specifically has a great balance between city life and picturesque, relaxing vacation spots with proximity to areas like Sedona, Scottsdale, and many other nearby travel spots. These destinations are likely more appealing to people who want to get back to traveling without the density of a heavily populated city.”

Bruce Rosenberg, President of the Americas for HotelPlanner 

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