Phoenix Artists Take the Desert to China


Three resident artists of FOUND:RE Phoenix have received quite the honor — Kathy Taylor, Diane Silver, and Linda Ingraham will be representing the United States at the World Academy for the Future of Women in China.

The three artists will get to spend five weeks in China to teach about American culture and to learn about how to enhance the role of women in leadership all over the world.

Cultural Curator at FOUND:RE Phoenix Mike Oleskow said “One of FOUND:RE Phoenix’s goals is to spark curiosity and bring creative cultures together. We’re proud to see our artists inspire, connect, and learn something new with the female artists of China.”


The art of these incredible women can be viewed at FOUND:RE Phoenix during First and Third Fridays, as well as during the open viewing hours of the hotel.


FOUND RE: Phoenix is located at 1100 N Central Avenue, Phoenix AZ 85003


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