Hiking, Wine Tasting & More: How to Have an ‘edventure’ in Tucson

Tucson, Ariz.

Many of us had the extra time and space to explore new hobbies at home over the course of the pandemic. Now, with restrictions lifting, people can now put their home-honed skills to the test IRL with an “edventure.”From bread making and birdwatching to hiking and wine tasting, below are some incredible things to do in and around Tucson all year round.

Bread Making

Don Guerra of Barrio Bread

Pandemic bakers can visit the famed Barrio Bread from two-time James Beard Award semifinalist and Arizona native, Don Guerra. Don is working towards a goal of a 100% sustainable, local grain economy in Tucson using heritage grains, such as Sonoran white wheat. After visiting, bakers can take Don’s virtual cooking class to learn how to make his sourdough and pizza crust at home.


Bird watchers will enjoy the diversity of Tucson’s local birds as the area is home to over 500 species, such as the cactus wren, the greater roadrunner and the Gila woodpecker. Travelers can sharpen their knowledge with the Tucson Audubon Society, a one-stop shop for all things birding in southeast Arizona with multiple field trips to locations such as Sweetwater Wetlands, and Saguaro National Park.

Wine 101

Wine bySand-Reckoner Vineyards

Wine enthusiasts can book a stay at The Citizen Hotel, opening this fall as Tucson’s first wine-centric hotel. The 10-room property will feature a robust partnership with local wine producer, Sand-Reckoner Vineyards, offering tastings, wine barreling onsite and excursions to nearby wine country, allowing travelers to broaden their horizons and learn more about Arizona’s emerging wine scene.


Mt. Lemmon SkyCenter

Tucson is known as the “astronomy capital of the world,” thanks to the Dark Sky Ordinance that strictly limits artificial-light pollution in the city. Visitors learn more about the stars, planets and Milky Way from the Mt. Lemmon SkyCenter, which features the largest public telescopes in the U.S. The destination is also an incredible place to watch the Geminids Meteor Shower on December 13.


Adventurists can hike in Saguaro National Park, known for its giant cactus found only in a small portion of the US, and Catalina State Park, with 150+ species of birds and Hohokam pueblos dating back to 500 AD. Trails range from easy to difficult to meet every hiker’s needs.

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