Feast Your Eyes On the New Look of Hilton Tucson

Source: Instagram @ericschmidty
Source: Instagram @ericschmidty

With the recent completion of renovations over at Hilton Tucson El Conquistador Resort, you’ll be wanting to plan a trip there ASAP to experience this hot “new” resort.

As the largest renovation in the resort’s 35-year history, you can be sure that you’ll notice the difference.


The weather in Tucson is something that people travel from all over the world to appreciate. Even if you’re a desert dweller yourself, you’ve gotta admit that our weather is pretty darn nice.

Hilton Tucson was looking to take advantage of this great weather in their refresh, and thus redesigned the resort’s Desert Springs pool, which now features a massive pool deck and additional lounging areas to soak up that desert sun.

On top of that, the resort added courtyards that bring some beautiful lush greens into the area, as well as outdoor fire pits to make sitting under the Arizona stars even more enjoyable.



Why not let more of that sunlight in? Hilton Tucson wants to bring the warmth of the outdoors in with their sliding glass doors that provide stunning views of the pool area and Pusch Ridge. Stepping outside those doors will bring you to the built-in lounge with its fire pit that serves as the perfect spot to enjoy the never-ending gorgeous views.


Guest Experiences

More than just bringing new light to the design, style and layout of the resort, Hilton Tucson also expanded its renovations to include exciting new guest experiences. Staying at Hilton Tucson means so much more than just a gorgeous guest room.

With all that the desert has to offer, Hilton Tucson has provided a way for guests to get involved.

Health and Wellness Experiences

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Daily, the resort’s Elements Wellness Center offers complimentary yoga classes, fitness walks, and guided desert hikes as part of their “Window to Wellness” experience. In addition to this, guests can enjoy two hours of free mountain bike rentals every day to explore the desert on their own.

El Conquistador Western Adventures

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Prance around the desert on horseback, thanks to this 18-horse stable on the resort’s property. Guests can enjoy guided horseback trail rides, riding lessons, and many other family-friendly adventures.

Salsa Garden

Enjoy the fruits of the desert with the resort’s Salsa Garden. The culinary team at Hilton Tucson created this garden that houses all of the ingredients used in salsa to bring fresh tastes to the restaurants.

El Con Kids Club

Struggling to keep your kids entertained? Don’t worry — the El Con Kids Club provides activities for kids aged 4-12 that are half-day, full-day, and evening programs.

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Hummingbird and Butterfly Garden

Hummingbirds love Hilton Tucson almost as much as the guests do. The resort’s garden boasts over 14 species of hummingbirds that love coming to feed at its copper foundation, as well as the desert plants that include aloe, desert honeysuckle, Baja fairycluster, ocotillo, red yucca, and more.


To learn more about the fabulous offerings at Hilton Tucson, and to book your stay there today, visit here.

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