Experience The Beautiful Colors of Fall in Sedona With This Package

Source: Instagram @kravetheworld
Source: Instagram @kravetheworld

Though the temperatures in the Valley are pretty ideal in the fall, we do feel like we are missing out a bit on the colors of fall in our southern desert.

Thankfully, we don’t have to travel very far in order to see some of the Instagram-worthy fall foliage.

Source: Instagram @amararesort

A quick drive up North to Sedona will bring you more fall joy than you will know what to do with — the reds and golds donning the trees are reason enough to make the trip.

You can make your trip really worthwhile by turning that drive into a few days’ trip and a stay at Kimpton Amara Resort & Spa.

Through November, the resort is offering rooms starting at $255 per night, and upon check-in, guests will get an official Red Rock Hiking Kit.

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In this kit you’ll find everything a hiker could need when adventuring among the red rocks:

  • A hiking book that highlights the top trails in and around Sedona
  • Free transportation to and from the trails
  • Amara sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Chapstick


Amara Spa

Source: Instagram @amararesort

Post hike, you’ll love heading to Amara Spa for a Sedona-inspired treatment, the Kansa Marma Point Facial.

This 90-minute facial infuses into it blue spruce essential oil that works to calm the mind. You will feel the stress melt away as you lay in relaxation and listen to the Sedona vortex-tuned, metal heart chakra singing bowl. The facial massage itself uses a Kansa wand and facial dosha oils to rid of inflammation and bring life back to your face. The experience ends with a bang as you enjoy a Kansa wand foot massage.


To book your fall getaway to Kimpton Amara today, visit here.

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