Castle Hot Springs’s New Via Ferrata Cable Climbing Course is the First of Its Kind in Ariz.

Experience the Sonoran Desert from new heights and new perspectives with Arizona’s first-ever Via Ferrata adventure course designed exclusively for Castle Hot Springs. 

The unique mountaineering opportunity gives guests the chance to explore the desert’s iconic red rock formations from a position few people are able to experience. Hike past towering saguaros, learn to move over rock walls and meander across a 200-foot long aerial walkway high above a canyon floor. 

Meaning “Iron Way” in Italian, Via Ferrata courses use ladders, rungs and steel cables affixed to rocks that allow you to safely ascend up a mountain and reach environments you couldn’t on foot. 

During the course, you will be provided with state-of-the-art equipment, including a fitted harness, helmet and climbing pack, and will be led by trained guides who will assist you throughout the journey and offer a custom progression so you can move at your own pace and comfort level. 

The Via Ferrata adventure course at Castle Hot Springs offers two exciting separate experiences: Castle Peak Via Ferrata and Sonoran Aerial Walkway.  

The moderate to advanced Castle Peak experience includes scaling and summiting the 400-foot-tall peak. After enjoying unparalleled views of the surrounding mountains at Castle Peak’s summit, the adventure will conclude with a hike back down to the resort for some well-deserved relaxation. 

For those looking for a view that requires a less difficult ascent, and who are not afraid of heights, the Sonoran Aerial Walkway experience includes a gradual hike through saguaros to the Castle Creek Aerial Walkway. The 150-foot-high bridge provides stunning views of the desert canyon below and uses a clip-in safety system. Castle Hot Springs’s Via Ferrata adventure is available to registered guests only with tours being offered daily.

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Photos courtesy Castle Hot Springs

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