Asian-Inspired Wellness at Sanctuary Spa

The Sanctuary Spa, located within the Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort and Spa, has carved out its place in the Valley as the go-to setting for Asian-inspired spa treatments. LaRae Verros, Spa Director at Sanctuary, recently rejoined the team at the world-class spa and is excited to work alongside some of the best the industry has to offer.

“Sanctuary Spa’s providers are the best that I have had the opportunity to work with,” Verros says. “They are true masters of their trade and are completely present for their guests, in every respect.”

With an extensive background in the spa industry (including posts at The Four Seasons Spa Scottsdale and The Phoenician) and serious industry knowledge (earning both Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Exercise and Wellness, and an MBA from Arizona State), Verros recently sat down with AFM to discuss Sanctuary Spa’s philosophy, must-try treatments and where wellness is headed.

What is the overall philosophy of the Sanctuary Spa?

Our vision at the Sanctuary Spa is to motivate life-change through exceptional experiences and advanced education. The Sanctuary Spa blends the best practices of the ancient and modern worlds; Asian-inspired treatments are designed to both pamper and empower guests with physical and spiritual knowledge.

If you had to describe the spa facilities at Sanctuary in just a few words, what would they be?

Tranquil, comforting and serene.

If you had time to receive only one spa treatment at Sanctuary, which one would it be and why?

Luk Pra Kope: Meaning “to massage with medicinal herbs,” Luk Pra Kope begins with soaking your feet in a fresh lime and essential –oil bath. After your feet are cooled and exfoliated with fine, white Thai clay and fresh lime, a blend of steamy organically grown herbs is rolled, massaged and pressed into tight muscles and onto problem areas and energy pathways. Along with Thai massage, the heated compress soothes sore and aching muscles, enhances circulation, reduces joint stiffness and refreshes the skin.

It is a customized service inspired by the Asian culture. The experience starts with the foot soak – feet are believed to be the windows to your soul. And the experience of Table Thai is truly rejuvenating as it opens the body’s energy channels, allowing your energy to flow smoothly and evenly, creating a feeling of balance.

The Satori Wellness Program offered at Sanctuary is an all-encompassing retreat that caters to the mind, body and spirit though fitness, treatments, activities and nutrition. Why is it important for Sanctuary to offer these kinds of treatments?

Sanctuary is not a formal destination spa. However, the Satori program is an opportunity for us to offer that destination experience. For the individual or group of individuals who wish to come to a facility to accomplish their fitness, nutrition, and overall wellness goals, we are able to provide an intimate setting and personalize these services to each guest. It’s highly customized, with each Satori experience crafted around the needs and interests of the participant.

What is on the horizon for the Sanctuary Spa?

In Japan, the title of “Sensei” holds with it a great deal of honor and respect. A literal translation is “one who has gone before,” and someone who is referred to as a “Sensei” is usually considered a teacher or a mentor. These masters understand that it is important to be a student as well as a teacher, a leader as well as a colleague, and a guide as well as a listener. It is with these complex standards in mind that the Sanctuary Spa is developing a “Master Therapist Program.”

Details are forthcoming, but the Master Therapist Program will provide an exciting opportunity for Sanctuary’s therapists to continually grow and challenge themselves while also providing a number of new and exciting experiences for the Sanctuary Spa guest. We look forward to sharing more as the program unfolds!

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