Two Beverly Hills Hotels Partner with LAX’s Private Terminal

We’re all for anything that can get us through the airport quicker, especially when it includes our own driver.

For travelers flying through LAX, the newest members-only private terminal, dubbed The Private Suite, is a dream come true. The terminal has direct-to-aircraft boarding and is far removed from the traffic surrounding the airport. Skip the crowded lines, packed walkways, ticket counters and boarding gates. Hey, don’t even worry about your baggage, they got it! There’s also private TSA screening, on-site customs and immigration processing, and your very own team of eight to help you at different points in the process. Oh, and have no fear, you won’t even have to deal with the paparazzi — thank god, right?

Prior to flight time, you’ll be able to kick back in your own private suite with its own bathroom, food-service pantry, a two-person daybed and a runway view of planes landing and taking off. When it’s time to board, you’ll be escorted by your own driver—in a sweet ride of course—across the tarmac to your plane.

When all is said and done, you’ll have walked a mere 70 steps from car to plane, a big difference from the typical 2,200 footsteps it commonly takes to trek through the airport. 

At this point, we’re wondering if we can just book a stay in The Private Suite. But we’ll gladly take a stay at the Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills or the Montage Beverly Hills, both offering packages that incorporate The Private Suite life. 

Montage Beverly Hills

Guests of Montage Beverly Hills have the option to upgrade their stay as the hotel is offering a seamless experience from airport arrival to check-in and check-out, including the full Private Suite experience. Guests will also receive an initial year of complimentary program membership plus preferred rates for the their first flight using The Private Suite service. More info here.

Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills

Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills is offering a similar package with a full experience from plane’s at LAX to the door of the hotel. Guests also receive an initial year of complimentary program membership plus preferred rates for the their first flight using The Private Suite service. But to amp it up a little more, the hotel has partnered with the private terminal to offer its very own branded suite in the terminal, making it the first of its kind. The decor of the suite will mimic the art and ambiance of the Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills. More info here.

It’ll be like the airport was never involved.

For more information on The Private Suite, visit:

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