Tacos, Wine, Views: California Releases Guide to 12 Bucket List Road Trips

california road trips

If you’re an Arizona local then chances are you have no problem cashing in on your vacation days and checking out. According to a recent study by Project: Time Off, residents of Virginia, Colorado and Arizona lead the country in used vacay-days. It might have something to do with those summer temps, but either way you’re probably planning to use at least some of those days to escape to our neighbor state, California. So why not skip the resort and hop on the road to explore the state from a different point of view — the driver’s seat.

california road trips

The state of California has recently released the 2018 California Road Trips guide, comprised of 12 bucket-list drives through the Golden State. With just 36 pages, each trip features a list of stops along the way and what to see and do while there. The free guide includes tidbits of info and tips like where to find one of Oprah’s fave bakeries, can’t-miss Instagrammable spots, where to see the world’s largest tree and more. Itineraries vary from drives through wine country to haunting ghost town tours, secluded beaches and more. There’s even one dedicated solely to SoCal’s taco scene.

The 12 Epic Drives

  • Ventura, Santa Barbara & Beyond
  • Winding Through Wine Country
  • Call of the Coast
  • Between the Theme Parks
  • Shopping Hot Spots
  • Family Learning Adventure
  • Tantalizing Taco Tour
  • Undiscovered Wine Regions
  • Ghost Towns
  • Architecture Tour
  • Amazing Views
  • Hidden Beaches

Order the 2018 California Road Trips guide by clicking here, or view the online version here.

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