Stanford Inn Goes Completely Vegan

Sustainability has long been a goal of the hospitality industry as a whole. Frequent travelers might have noticed environmentally friendly practices being incorporated into their favorite resorts and destinations.

Northern California gem, The Stanford Inn, located in Mendocino, recently announced its re-launch as a premier sustainable destination and the nations only completely Vegan resort.

“For years we have balanced hospitality, service, business and our passion for responsibility to oneself and the planet,” said Jeff Stanford, Co-Founder of Stanford Inn. “Last year, I came to the crystal clear understanding that we needed to take things to the next level here—and that meant becoming completely vegan throughout the Inn. It has taken some time, but our guests, friends and even non-vegan guests appreciate what we are doing, and most have commented that it has made a positive change in their lives.”

The Inn’s decision to make sustainability a priority wasn’t a move to jump on the green bandwagon. In fact, founders Jeff and Joan Stanford have been incorporating environmentally cognizant practices into the Stanford Inn for more than three decades.

Of particular note is their on-site gourmet, vegan restaurant, Ravens’, which supports sustainable agriculture and organic farming through their purchasing practices and their own USDA-California Certified Organic Farm, known as Big River Nurseries. All produce served in the restaurant is organic, with much of it grown onsite at Big River Nurseries. Ravens’ Restaurant is central to the Stanford’s philosophy – they strive to prepare cuisine for their guests that enhances their lives though taste, nutrition and visual appeal, while acknowledging their better sensibilities.

The Stanford Inn promotes sustainable living through a multitude of initiatives throughout the property. To learn more, visit their Web site or book a stay and see for yourself what the nations only Vegan resort has to offer.

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