Tips For Conserving Energy at Home

If not for the eco benefits, homeowners are on average trying to consume less electricity in order to reduce their electric bills during these trying economic times. A Scottsdale-based company, iGo, has established a resource for individuals who want to quit wasting energy and prevent the power company from sucking too much green out of their pockets.


Just as Count Dracula preys upon the innocent, Vampire Power, or the energy drawn from items like electronic devices or kitchen appliances that are plugged in but not in use, drains “blood” from the energy grid. With 10 billion dollars wasted annually on Vampire Power in the U.S. alone, every little bit counts when consumers do their part to protect the environment. In conjunction with Vampire Power Awareness Month visit for information about how to stop sucking Vampire Power and a chance to win Free electricity for a year.

“While wearing garlic doesn’t get rid of this vampire, simple lifestyle changes will significantly reduce the power we each waste,” said Walter Thornton, vice president of product for iGo. “ compiles the most important information about Vampire Power, electricity conservation and more into one convenient place so that consumers can learn small ways to save big money on their energy bills while also protecting the environment.”

With a fun and irreverent layout featuring a bleeding electrical socket, offers tips, tricks and products that help drive a stake through Vampire Power using a variety of exciting mediums, including:

– Vampire Power Video: An “edu-taining” video explains the phenomenon that is Vampire Power and how Vampire Slayers can reduce their unintentional energy consumption once and for all!

– Vampire Power Blog Aggregate: As more people take the pledge to reduce Vampire Power, Count Dracula is replaced in the headlines with all the latest news about Vampire Power in one place.

– Energy Calculator: Enter the devices you have plugged in at your house and see how much energy Vampire Power sucks from your household every year.

– Augmented Reality: Highlighting the virtual bleeding caused by unintentional power usage, the Augmented Reality component brings the Vampire Power fang marks to life with your Webcam and enters you into the chance to win free electricity for a year.

– Social Media Links: Optimized for social media, features links to various platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, so that droves of garlic-wearing consumers can help take a bite out of Vampire Power.

To learn more, visit .

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