Solar Energy for Lease?

REC Solar, the largest solar installer in the country, has teamed up with SunRun to bring solar power to Colorado residents. Residents can purchase a solar electric system through a new low-cost leasing program.


“We’ve been thinking about going solar for some time, but we were hindered by the upfront costs,” said Peter. “Even with utility incentives from Xcel Energy and federal tax credits, the costs were just too high in this poor economy, so we were really pleased and excited when this lease alternative became available.”

Through the REC Solar and SunRun program, homeowners pay as little as $1,000 for a one-time system installation fee, and then pay a low, monthly bill to have solar energy at home. REC Solar provides all upfront service and installation services, including customized design, engineering, installation and electrical work. REC Solar was one of SunRun’s original partners, beginning with a joint program in California in 2008.

SunRun provides complete monitoring, repairs, insurance and a performance guarantee for all its customers, eliminating any maintenance or pricing concerns associated with switching to solar. Thousands of homeowners in California, Arizona and Massachusetts currently use SunRun’s solar service.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with SunRun to help break down the barriers and provide greater access to solar power for homeowners,” said Cary Hayes, REC Solar Colorado regional manager. “SunRun is providing a commercial financing model to homeowners that is opening doors for residents across the state.”

The McDonalds are the first to purchase a solar electric system in Colorado through the SunRun/REC Solar partnership. They will install a 4.3kW system to offset 90 percent of the electricity their family uses. They were looking into going solar a few months ago and went as far as having a site evaluation, but didn’t have the upfront funds available at the time.

“Our main interest has been focused on going solar for environmental reasons, but with electricity costs constantly rising, we also believe the timing is right in this current environment because of the costs and the tremendous advances in solar technology in recent years.”

REC Solar is an industry-leading solar power provider specializing in grid-tied residential and commercial installations. With a local presence in all major solar markets in the USA and millions of watts installed, REC Solar is committed to lowering the cost of solar power through efficient processes, innovative products, and outstanding customer service. REC Solar is among the nation’s largest solar integrators and currently has over a dozen offices throughout 5 states (CA, CO, HI, OR and AZ). For additional information on REC Solar visit or call 888.657.6527.


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