Minoo Hersini Offers Tips For the Home

Although I am not the best at arts and crafts, I do attempt my fair share of do-it-yourself projects around the house. However successful or unsuccessful they may be, most of the fun is in the attempt.


We all have some dressers that we just cant wait to throw out.  So next time you get the motivation to do so and buy a new dresser, don’t throw everything out.

Design Expert Minoo Hersini from Au Ciel Design Studio shows you five creative ways to utilize your dresser drawers.



  1. Glue the inside of the drawer with layers of small plastic leaves and use it to display herbs.
  2. Mount the drawer on the wall in the bathroom and display your rolled washcloths and/or toilet tissue.
  3. Cover the inside of the drawer with used stamps and use it as your mail holder. Also, you can use the drawer with hooks to display your keys.
  4. Cover the inside of the drawer with notes from friends and family. Then, use thumbtacks and use the drawer for dail reminder notes.
  5. Glue the entire drawer with moss and displey your memorable dried flowers.


Event planner, interior designer and fashion designer Minoo Hersini is the founder of Au Ciel Design Studio. An event and design studio that offers customized event planning on any scale. Ms. Hersini has created some of the most successful events for celebrities and politicians all over the country. She is based in Westchester, NY.

For information, visit www.Au-Ciel.com


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