Home Must-Have: Smart Window Shades by Wipliance

Investing in smart, motorized home window shades can offer multifaceted benefits, such as added privacy, temperature control, interior design enhancement and pure convenience.

Specializing in custom home tech solutions in Scottsdale, Ariz. and Bellevue, Wash., Wipliance provides smart automation solutions that include motorized shades for the home that are as chic as they are functional.

Check out the video below, where Wipliance’s Lee Travis and his canine friend Bella explore her beautiful home in Mercer Island, Wash. with Lutron brand Triathlon roller shades that bring energy efficiency, comfort and convenience to the space.

With Sivoia QS Triathlon WIDR shades from Lutron, windows up to 12 feet wide can be covered without running a wire, making these shades easy to add to a finished home.

Schedule your window treatments to automatically open in the morning to take advantage of natural light, and close at the hottest part of the day and at sunset for privacy. With 3-5 years average battery life, these shades have the best performance of any battery powered shades available.

To learn more about Lutron shades from Wipliance, visit https://wipliance.com/motorized-shading.

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