Chic Easter Party Ideas

Easter nest with multi colorful eggs

The bunny and eggs is just around the corner. Whether it is a small gathering with friends or a formal brunch, we have gathered up ideas that will make an Easter party look super chic.

Easter nest with multi colorful eggs
Easter nest with multi colorful eggs

Decorate with Eggs
A good party is all about the decorations. Decorate the room with pastels and eggs – the more the better! This is one holiday, that adding more eggs is better. There is no shortage of gorgoues colors and table settings for this party. Decorate each table with its own unique basket as table numbers.

Dig up the food
Carrots, anyone? Sprinkle carrot shaped pastries all throughout the breakfast and snack tables. Everything from bread, to veggie arrangements and cupcakes can be adorned with eggs, carrots and grass for the full Peter Cottontail affect.

Break out the Peeps
Peeps aren’t just for the kids anymore! Use Peeps as drink garnishes, cupcake toppings or even as goodie bags for your guests. Besides, what is a party without a signature cocktail! Maybe even a Peep-inspired drink? The eggy ideas are endless.

Dress Code
Make Pastel a must do thing! After all, pastels are the standard for Easter, right? Have your guests dress to the part and dress in their best pastels for the eggcellent occasions.

Who says that Easter has to be left to the kids anymore? These are the best ways to get your pals together, and enjoy a memorable Easter affair.

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