An Organized New Year with The Container Store

The New Year is here, which means that your list of ways in which you will improve yourself, your life and your home this year are probably on the rise. Each year, I tend to tell myself that I will become more organized in the New Year, but I always end up not knowing where to start and only fully tackling one or (maybe) two small projects.

Luckily for home design and organizational junkies, The Container Store is full of experts that can assist in organizing each and every space in your home. This year I will definitely be stopping by not only for plenty of supplies, but also for some professional advice. Here are some Container Store products that would really make a difference in my home this year, and probably would in yours too:

Birch & White elfa décor Reach-In

Birch & White elfa décor Reach-In

Birch & White elfa décor Reach-In: This is the big-ticket item on my home improvement list for 2010. elfa has an amazing array of home organizational systems for closets, living rooms, offices, garages, laundry rooms and the like; but I think my clothes, shoes and accessories may just appreciate this system more than the other items in my home. Best of all, The Container Store offers the option to customize your own elfa system right there in the store and then pick it up at your convenience. $1,139.97.

Gravity Feed Can Rack

Gravity-Feed Can Rack

Gravity-Feed Can Rack: I try to keep my pantry as organized as I can, but it can be easy to simply pull from the canned goods in the front of the shelf and ignore the ones in the back. This Gravity-Feed Can Rack would make like a grocery store isle and save space while keeping canned goods perfectly placed and in order. $14.99.

12-Pocket Mesh Wall Rack

12-Pocket Mesh Wall Rack

12-Pocket Mesh Wall Rack: This wall rack is a wonderful organizer for the home office. With 12 pockets, you can designate various slots for different paper items such as magazines, books, mail, bills and even children’s books, games and puzzles. It conveniently mounts to the wall so that extra table or floor space is not sacrificed. $59.99.

Wall-Mounted Enamel Steel Cube Unit

Wall-Mounted Enamel Steel Cube Cabinet

Wall-Mounted Enameled Steel Cube Cabinet: Ideal for cluttered bathrooms, this steel cube cabinet set makes storing bathroom products, extra towels and cosmetics simple. For a customizable look, add shelves, doors or casters. This system can be easily mounted to the wall or used as a freestanding storage solution. $427.89.

Heavy Duty Triple Storage Bin

Heavy Duty Triple Storage Bin

Heavy-Duty Triple Storage Bin: For busy families with kids on the go, this storage bin is great for maintaining all sorts of loose sports and game equipment in the garage. Three mesh bags are included and can help you see which items were placed where. $49.  


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