Use Bamboo For More Than Just Flooring

Bamboo has become a popular material choice for attractive, eco-friendly flooring in the last couple of years, but what about extending that environmental choice beyond just the surface on which you walk? Cali Bamboo, a company founded out of California in 2004, is committed to bringing the highest quality bamboo material to a variety of purposes aside from flooring like fencing, decking, poles, paneling and more. Best of all? The company ships to anywhere in the United States and their products come with easy-to-understand installation instructions.


Whether you have young kids, a dog or just prefer a little privacy, sometimes adding a fence to your backyard is inevitable. However, some fences can be a bit of an eye sore and can also come apart quite quickly. Cali Bamboo offers the best of both worlds with their fencing options. Utilizing the strongest, most environmentally sustainable wood on the planet, Cali Bamboo offers beautiful, durable bamboo fences that are also easy to install yourself in your own backyard. Cali Bamboo’s fencing materials have been tested in all types of environments including hurricanes, blizzards, heat waves, floods, baseball bat beatings and car collisions, so there is no need to worry about this fence holding up for many years.


Additionally, Cali Bamboo also offers attractive and practical bamboo decking options. Featuring the best in outdoor bamboo decking, the material they use is called BamDeck and although it is comparable to Brazilian IPE decking, it is 100 percent bamboo. Also, when measured up to to other popular decking materials like cedar, redwood or pressure treated, BamDeck is much stronger while still being aesthetically pleasing. Plus, BamDeck is comparable in price to other decking materials but it totally green and LEED qualified.

Looking to add some of nature’s most sustainable material to the inside of your home? Go for Cali Bamboo’s blinds, rugs, paneling, slats, or, of course, flooring. The bamboo materials the company offers also come in a variety of light and dark brown shades to complement every home or yard.

Not only does Cali Bamboo talk the environmental talk, but they also walk the walk. Through the assistance of the organization, 1% For The Planet, Cali Bamboo is able to donate 1 percent of its product sales to various environmental groups. Their donations go to these organizations: Surfrider, San Diego Coastkeeper, REVERB and TreePeople. In addition, the company also routinely gives back to San Diego Habitat for Humanity.

For a free quote on your bamboo needs, call Cali Bamboo at 888.788.2254 or visit

  1. I love that outdoor living room area. I like how neutral and eco-friendly bamboo is–can work with so many different styles.

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