This $300 Million Mansion is Currently the World’s Most Expensive Home for Sale

A 19th century mansion in London’s tony Regent’s Park is now the world’s most expensive home for sale.

With a listing price of £250 million ($298.5 million), the magnificent estate has exceeded the value of Britain’s most expensive property, which was listed for $221 million in October 2022, and even the $250 million penthouse atop Central Power Tower that has been the most expensive home in the world up until now. 

Dubbed The Holme, the two-story mansion was built in 1818 by English architect James Burton and designed by his son, Decimus. The impressive home sits on a four-acre lakefront property in the royal Regent’s Park and includes 29,000 square feet of living space featuring 40 bedrooms plus eight garages, a tennis court, a library, a sauna and a grand dining room.  

The Holme was previously owned by the Saudi royal family for over three decades, but after being repossessed by receivers due to an expired loan, the ornate residence with its ornamental lake, sweeping lawns and rich history is now up for grabs again. 

Agents at Beauchamp Estates and Knight Frank are reportedly handling the sale of the 205-year-old property, which is expected to attract London’s most affluent as well as wealthy foreigners from around the world.

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