Las Campanas Home Offers Sustainable Living

Searching for an eco-friendly home, but concerned that “Green Living” may compromise quality and aesthetic?

Look no further than 45 Paseao Aragon, in the community of Las Campanas, just outside Santa Fe, New Mexico. This 3,600-sq.-ft. adobe-style home epitomizes sustainable, elegant desert living – and operates 30 percent more efficiently than a traditional house. By seamlessly incorporating a state-of-the-art solar heating system and sprayfoam roof and insulation, you’d never know that 45 Paseao Aragon has the smallest carbon footprint on the block.

Skylights illuminate the entryway, shedding natural light on hand-hewn wooden beams and columns. The front door is encased in stonework, a combination of old brick and river rock. Expansive floor to ceiling windows and high, beamed ceilings allow unobstructed views of the Jemez Mountains, bringing the outdoors inside. The stunning landscape feels like work of art.

The home’s authentic Southwestern style extends to all three bedrooms, including a master suite with fireplace. Each bedroom boasts intricate, hand-set stonework and luxurious amenities. The spacious gourmet eat-in kitchen features its own pizza oven. A generous family room and study provide ample space to work and play. Take a look through the pictures provided to see all the luxury amenities.

Las Campanas is one of Santa Fe’s most elite communities, but thanks to New Mexico’s lower cost of living, this stunning home is priced at just $1,399,000.
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  1. These are so pretty! They don’t even look like your typical modern “green” home either.

  2. this is a lovely home. its great that they could make an Old World home eco frieldn – usually only the most contemporary homes eem to be Green.

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