The Westin Kierland Golf Club Introduces TurfRider

From state-of-the-art golf carts to Segways, surfing around The Westin Kierland Golf Club has always been a good time. To make it even more exciting, the golf club has recently unveiled the launch of their new two-wheeled TurfRiders. With their golf bag secured to the back of the TurfRider, a golfer can cruise around the Westin Kierland Golf Club, both on and off cart paths, with the freedom, speed and fun of a motorcycle.

The TurfRider is lightweight with large, turf-friendly tires, allowing fairways to remain in pristine condition. According to the press release, the battery-powered TurfRiders also add speed to the game with an 18 mph setting recommended for getting around the course and climbing most hills. For larger hills or getting back to the clubhouse, TurfRiders can go as fast as 24 mph.

“TurfRiders help provide a fun and exhilarating golf experience,” says  Nancy Dickens, director of golf, The Westin Kierland Golf Club. “They are easy to ride but something most golfers have never experienced. They continue the Kierland tradition of creating a unique and different golf experience, while rounding out the ‘quartet’ of fun: Segways, GolfBoards, golf bikes and now, the TurfRider.”

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