Mirabel – More Than Just Golf

The second annual Mirabel Car Show was held recently on Sunday, March 25, on the Scottsdale-based Club’s event lawn. Car enthusiasts, collectors and aficionados alike came together to enjoy a showcase of Mirabel’s finest. There were Corvettes, Ferraris, Mercedes, Porsches and everything in between from the 1930’s to today. An easy-going vibe throughout the show helped many members relax and enjoy their first car show at Mirabel. Mirabel had more than 25 members display their sets of wheels, and 180-plus people came to observe and enjoy our “Mel’s Diner”-themed dinner and bop to the music of the era with a DJ.

The inception of the Car Show began at one of the Club’s many affinity groups:  The Car Club! The Mirabel Car Club wanted to provide a memorable experience that allows the community to come together and interact with others who share similar interests and passions. A car show is generally out of the normal Club genre but it’s nice to see members come together with their cars and have a great time. The Mirabel Car Club also organizes activities such as overnight drives, guest speakers, tours of museums and private car collections, and guided tours through Scottsdale’s Barrett Jackson.

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