Longbow Golf Club Debuts Toptracer Range at Practice Facility

Longbow Golf Club in Mesa, Ariz. has debuted the installation of Toptracer Range on its practice range. Longbow, now powered by Toptracer Range delivers the same ball-tracking technology (including total distance, carry distance, ball speed, and launch angle) that traces the shots of the best players in the game on television.

The Longbow Toptracer Range is currently open seven days a week by appointment or subject to availability.

At the Longbow Toptracer Range, which occupies approximately 100 feet of hitting gates on the Longbow practice facility, players hit Titleist golf balls off of real fairway turf offering true course-like conditions then receive instant shot data or entertaining virtual games in the palm of their hand through the Toptracer Range mobile app. 

Shots are recorded so that golfers can make swing adjustments and immediately see the impact on their golf shots. Through the truly interactive and individualized experience, golfers can play virtual games, such as capture the flag, and participate in contests, such as long drive competitions, through the mobile app.

Golfers of all ages and skill levels can enjoy the new experience for $12 for a half-hour (including a small basket of practice balls) or $22 for one hour (including a large basket of practice balls).

Hitting gates with Toptracer Range may be reserved up to seven days in advance through the Longbow Golf Club website (www.longbowgolf.com) and must be prepaid.

Golfers should download and install the Toptracer Range mobile app prior to arrival. Current Longbow Golf Club Range Pass Members receive four complimentary 30-minute reservations at the Longbow Toptracer Range. 

By partnering with Toptracer, we’ve essentially created a smart range and gamified our practice facility.

Serious or core golfers can benefit from gathering invaluable data about their clubs and tendencies, while new or beginning golfers can enjoy the fun and entertaining games on the Toptracer Range app. It’s an exciting new step into the future of golf.

– Bob McNichols, developer of Longbow Business Park and Golf Club

Longbow Golf Club is the first Troon Golf-managed location to install the Toptracer Range experience. Troon’s OB Sports division has two locations installed with Toptracer Range at managed facilities in the Pacific Northwest, including Jefferson Park Golf Course and Interbay Golf Center.

Longbow Golf Club and Bob McNichols have always been forward-thinking and innovative in creating new ways to experience golf and engage guests. The Toptracer Range experience at Longbow is a fun way for golfers to work on their games while receiving instant data and important feedback.

– Kris Strauss, senior vice president of sales and marketing, Troon

For more information on Longbow Golf Club, visit www.longbowgolf.com or call 480-807-5400.

About Longbow Golf Club
Longbow Business Park and Golf Club are a 330-acre, mixed-use development, being developed by Daedalus Real Estate Advisors, that incorporates office, light industrial, retail, hotel, and residential uses surrounded by desert vegetation, the main street transportation design and features the award-winning Longbow Golf Club.

Troon managed Longbow Golf Club was originally designed by Ken Kavanaugh in 1997. In 2003, Daedalus commissioned Kavanaugh to execute a complete redesign of the golf course creating a complete refresh layout.

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