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Cabinetry drawers in a new contemporary white kitchen renovation

Technologies are coming to the home – mostly in the kitchen and bathroom.

Cabinetry drawers in a new contemporary white kitchen renovation
Cabinetry drawers in a new contemporary white kitchen renovation

Bring in the light. Mood lighting, that is. This year, expect to see mood lighting light up different rooms. Think colored entry ways, showers or vanities. Tech will play a huge part of this as more and more lighting fixtures are being controlled by apps.

Kitchens, everywhere. Kitchens are now entering other rooms, as manufacturers are adding under-the-counter fridges, so cold beverages or snacks are available at a moments notice. Other luxuries being added throughout the home may take a note from hotels as coffee makers are entering bedrooms and bathrooms.

Indoors and outdoors become mixed. New products are hitting the market that is designed to make the backyard just as functional as any other room in the house. Outdoor kitchens will be a must have for all backyards. Other outdoor must-have amenities include smokers, nugget ice makers, butane burners, and beverage refrigerators.

Get organized. Organization will happen in more than just the closet this year. Kitchens are the next big things in the organization world, with drawers are being fitted with all types of built-in holders, cutouts, and racks.

Fancy bathrooms. Amongst the innovations in the bathrooms, there will be heated seats, water-saving flushes, illuminated basins, and rinsing apparatus that make bidets look dated.

Kitchens and bathrooms are the next big things for renovations throughout the home, and this is how it will happen in 2016.

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