THG Marquise Collection Art Deco Bathtub

Taking a bath always feels like such a luxurious thing to do, even if outside the bathroom door there are kids running around and meals to be fixed. Well, now you can add to that luxury factor with this THG Art Deco Bathtub from the brand’s Marquise Collection. THG recently announced the debut of this gorgeous tub, and the collection also includes a full lineup of bathroom products, including two faucet models and coordinating accessories. (Because if you’re going to invest in a bathtub this posh, it’s important to make sure the rest of the bathroom matches, right?)


The Art Deco Bathtub was inspired by the iconic china pattern of French luxury tableware brand, Bernardaud. Suggestive of a French Chateaux with its bay leaf garland etching in gold, you can be sure that this bathtub is as chic as they come, as the pattern is actually applied by hand and integrated into the bathtub itself (which does the trick of making sure that it never fades, scratches or peels).

The House of Tetard-Haudidquez-Grisoni (THG) was founded in Normandy, France about a half century ago, and now THG USA remains the American importer of the brand’s luxury bath products. Even through today, THG is still family owned and operated by descendants of the original founders, which helps to ensure that the company continues their traditions of offering their customers hand-crafted, quality products. The THG collections include more than 250,000 products,with a selection of more than 150 designs and 35 finishes.

Because THG will work with you in creating the perfect bath products for your lifestyle, you don’t need to worry about receiving something that is a bit too contemporary, or maybe too traditional for your taste. THG’s products span the range of classical to modern, in addition to countless other styles.

“THG is renowned for its elegant craftsmanship, which is detailed in our partnerships with reputable brands including Lalique and distinguished designers such as Pierre-Yves Rochon and Jamie Drake,” says THG USA’s National Sales Manager Scott Triethart. “Our pairing with Bernardaud further communicates our core values of providing our customers with quality product that is synonymous with high art.”

Each THG piece is custom made to order, so you’re unlikley to find anyone else with the exact same bathroom style as you. The Marquise Collection Art Deco Bathtub has a 16 week lead time. While the THG USA healdquarters are in Coconut Creek, Fla., customers may visit any one of the 90 THG design showrooms located all across the country.

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