Team Member vs. Solo Agent

Being part of a team like the Jason Mitchell Group has many more advantages than you may think!

When belonging to a team, you have the support and teamwork that you just don’t get as a solo agent. When a team is created and ran properly, agents can leverage all the systems and processes that come along with hiring them to sell a property. We have an amazing support system not only with the licensed agents but with our back office, we have an amazing staff that includes processors, marketing specialists and an awesome concierge service. All of these advantages with our team allow for our clients’ buying and selling experience to be dramatically more convenient and stress free.
The camaraderie, culture and atmosphere that comes along with a great team is invaluable. It creates an amazing work environment and helps to encourage and motivate each and every team member to create the business they desire. When everyone wants to see each other succeed, you share ideas and offer advice that you just would not get elsewhere. You understand that you are only as strong as your weakest member, so the accountability between team members really drives production at all times.

The real estate industry is an extremely complex business, and when doing it alone it is very easy to find yourself overwhelmed. Team leaders and back office support are immensely helpful whether you are new to the team or new to real estate. Being a part of a team ran as well as the Jason Mitchell Group can really enhance the skills you need to have to take your real estate business to the next level. –Chris Bujaki

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