Super Seller AZ Launches Locally


Valley real estate brokerage and advisory firm, Venture REI, has partnered with nationwide broker to launch of Arizona’s first no-fee home-selling platform. Super Seller AZ is free, innovative and cutting-edge home-selling service.

“The market is looking for a more transparent way to buy and sell real estate and this technology allows us that,” says Venture REI’s Designated Broker Dan Noma Jr., in a press release.  “Just like anything else these days, we as an industry aren’t immune to the Amazon effect of business. While I think our business is certainly unique and requires professional human interaction, we can still offer consumers a more tech-driven way of buying and selling real estate that puts consumers in the driver’s seat and offers more transparency for everyone involved.”

Here’s how it works: per the press release, sellers will list their home for free on, and it will be marketed through a licensed and experienced real estate professional. The home will be promoted on the Multiple Listing Service, as well as national search Web sites, showcased in open houses, featured on ‘just listed’ cards and property flyers, along with other traditional real estate tools offered by competing brokerages. The seller will also receive professional realtor representation from listing to close assisting with pricing, paperwork and negotiations. All without paying a single cent in commissions.

Once registered with a free account, buyers can bid with the click of a button and negotiations can begin directly with sellers. Once an offer is accepted, the buyer pays a five-percent premium covering all commissions. The buyer still receives an appraisal and will never be expected to pay over appraised value.  “Programs like this will make agents better and force them to step up their service game, bringing their clients the best deal possible,” says Noma. “It is our fiduciary responsibility to get the highest and best deal for our clients and the best way to do that is by exposing their properties to more potential buyers than ever before in an open marketplace not restricted by agents or brokers.”


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