Summer Tech Tips: Keep Your Devices Safe


It’s beginning to feel a lot like summer here in the Valley, which means temperatures will only continue to rise. While many people plan out their summers with days spent by the pool or family getaways, most often overlook how to plan to take care of their technology during the hot sticky months of summer, or on a long plane ride to their vacation destination. Below are some of Marcus Networking Inc.’s top pro tips for making sure your electronics are safe this summer.

Protecting Your Devices in the Heat:

  • Don’t leave any devices in direct sunlight and be sure to cover outdoor TVs to protect from potential dust storms, monsoons and intense sun rays.
  • Be careful not to let your smart phone and other devices get too hot during the summer because it can damage the battery life. If you are at the pool, make sure your phone is stored somewhere cool, or at least out of direct sunlight. If your device does happen to overheat, simply store it somewhere with lower temperatures and let your device cool down before using it again.
  • Don’t leave your gadgets in the car, it can create an oven-like environment. If you absolutely have to leave your technology in the car, be sure to park in the shade and crack the car windows.

When Traveling with Technology:

  • Pack a separate travel bag to keep track of all of your chargers and cords organized.
  • Make sure everything is backed up on your phone and laptop before traveling to avoid valuable information being lost.
  • Be sure to turn on the find my IPhone settings on your phone in case your phone gets stolen while traveling and you will be able to track its location.

When at the Beach:

  • The best solution for taking your devices to the beach is making sure they have a case on that can protect from water and sand.
  • If sand does happen to get stuck inside your device, don’t rub with a towel and use a canister of compressed air to blow away debris. —Eric Marcus 


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