Scottsdale is One of the Happiest Cities in America

5th Avenue Shops in Old Town Scottsdale. Photo courtesy the City of Scottsdale

Scottsdale is among the top 10 happiest cities in the U.S., according to a study by WalletHub

With a high quality of life, good jobs, friendly communities and a beautiful environment that residents experience daily, it is no wonder that this Valley city ranks so high.

Researchers assessed over 180 large U.S. cities, using 29 detailed metrics across three main areas: Emotional & Physical Well-Being, Income & Employment, and Community & Environment. These metrics included factors like depression rates, income growth, job security, and access to parks and leisure activities, providing a comprehensive view of what contributes to happiness in different locales. Like other top-ranking cities, finding happiness in Scottsdale is rooted in both an individual’s personal life and their surroundings.

Scottsdale’s impressive performance, especially in the Community & Environment category where the city ranks fourth in the nation, speaks to its residents’ high quality of life. The city’s top-ranking atmosphere can be attributed to its vibrant community, excellent weather and a strong sense of well-being among its citizens.

Source: WalletHub

Additional key findings from the study display the complex nature of happiness, suggesting that while financial stability is an undeniable pillar of a person’s well-being, it’s not the sole contributor to a happy life. Research supports the notion that money’s influence on happiness plateaus after basic needs are met and that emotional health, social connections and satisfaction with one’s environment are equally crucial.

Scottsdale’s distinction among America’s happiest cities comes as no surprise. The city’s locals have treasured the community’s greatness for years and with this recent ranking, even more will look to Scottsdale for inspiration. As the tenth happiest city in the nation, Scottsdale exemplifies how a city can foster the happiness of its residents by offering a balanced lifestyle and ample opportunities for its residents to lead fulfilling lives.

Read the original study here.

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