Q & A: Briana Buxbaum of The Wellness Edit

It is safe to say that less is more. And that is where Phoenix-based company, The Wellness Edit, comes in. The Wellness Edit offers consulting services for those looking to transition to non-toxic beauty, baby and/or home products. Here, The Wellness Edit’s Briana Buxbaum discusses her unique business, her favorite clean home brands and the first steps to editing one’s home items.

1. What is The Wellness Edit? 

The Wellness Edit offers thoughtful consultations to those looking to transition to non-toxic beauty, baby and home products. The goal is to help clients enjoyably navigate the wellness market and serve as a trusted resource as they introduce healthier options into their lives.

2. What prompted the start of your business?

I’ve dealt with autoimmune issues throughout my life. Over a decade ago, and as part of my journey of health and optimal living, I began replacing harmful home and beauty products with clean alternatives. It was a daunting process in the beginning, especially as I realized how inundated we are by toxins, whether it be bathroom cleaner, air fresheners, or seemingly innocuous cookware that releases toxins when heated. I became so passionate about sourcing better options that soon friends and colleagues were asking me to help them navigate purchase decisions. Thankfully, the clean movement has gained great momentum and there is now an abundance of information and options available. However, most people don’t have the time or energy to scour resources and research products in order to begin this important journey in a meaningful way. I started The Wellness Edit because I’m passionate about bridging that gap by offering clear, curated guidance so that it’s a pleasant transition using effective products. 

3. What are the first steps someone should take in doing an “edit” of their home items? 

The process can be overwhelming, so I suggest selecting one area of the home first and addressing the most potent and frequently used offenders. For example, is there a toxic kitchen cleaner you’re spraying multiple times a day that’s omitting harmful chemicals near your food and children that can be replaced? Then move area to area, addressing where there’s an opportunity to introduce multitasking products to create ease and efficiency. 

4. Which home items do you find that most individuals can omit from their lives? 

Almost all traditional cleaning supplies should be evaluated and removed, but there are also less obvious products such as candles and plastic shower liners, and further along the journey, larger items like traditional mattresses sprayed with chemical flame retardants. It can seem like you have to immediately overhaul your home, but I love helping people identify which items can be addressed initially, and then we can tackle larger items one by one as budget allows. You’re still reducing your toxic exposures incrementally at every stage and that’s the important part, simply beginning the journey.

5. Why is it important to have an edited life?

There are certainly exposures in our modern world that we can’t avoid, but it’s empowering to assess your own space and address where there’s an opportunity to switch to safer alternatives.

6. What are a few of your favorite clean home brands? 

I love brands that create multipurpose options. We’re trained to think we need super-specific products for each part of our home, which isn’t the case and can be an expensive habit. Branch Basics’ Concentrate is a favorite because the plant-based and mineral formula can be diluted to different ratios for different jobs including laundry, bathrooms, hand soap, windows and more. Another multipurpose wonder is Dr. Bronner’s Sal Suds Biodegradable Cleaner. Not only is the product effective, but the company is so conscious of ingredients and an important advocate of sustainability by supporting regenerative organic agriculture, recycled packaging, and other initiatives. There is often power in simplicity and diluted white vinegar is always on my list of recommendations as it’s an inexpensive disinfectant and deodorizer. 

7. What has been the response from clients?

People are often surprised by the peace that comes from removing these items. Many times we think we are immune to these chemicals that we’ve used for years, and it turns out that we aren’t. We don’t necessarily attribute our headache, cough or skin rash to traditional home products until they’re removed, and we realize we’re not reacting as we once were. You can literally breath easier and the home becomes more of a sanctuary. 

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