If You’re Looking for More Space, Move to Phoenix

Phoenix is among the best cities in the country to find ample living and storage space.

A recent report by STORAGECafé analyzed 25 of the largest metropolitan areas to discover where residents can easily enjoy their homes without being overwhelmed by stuff and, on the other hand, where people are squeezed inside their homes.

The Phoenix metro area clocked in at number five, with homes in the Valley offering an average of 896 square feet of space per household member. In comparison, that’s 24% more personal space than Los Angeles residents.

Most Phoenix homes also come with garages (94%), while 71% of multifamily apartment buildings offer outside storage lockers.

Atlanta came in first place, offering its residents the best possibilities for leading an uncluttered life, with an average of 1,036 square feet per person, while Los Angeles and San Francisco provide the least personal space per capita among the biggest U.S. metros, at roughly 720 square feet per person.

Read the full report here.

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