Master Your Golf Swing at FROGS Physical Therapy at SOHO Scottsdale

Nailing your golf swing is key to upping your golf game and can easily make or break your performance. A seemingly swift and simple movement, a great golf swing is actually a complex technical motion involving the entire body.

Whether you’re pro or amateur, all golfers can benefit to better their swing, now with the help of the BioFit Golf Simulator, a tool that analyzes your physical golf swing ability and advises on how to improve motion.

The BioFit Golf Simulator is offered at FROGS Physical Therapy in North Scottsdale. Located within the innovative live-work community SOHO Scottsdale, FROGS (Standing for Functional, Rehabilitation, for Orthopedic, Golf and Spine) is a hands on, highly interactive physical therapy clinic specializing in the care and rehabilitation of orthopedic spine and sports-related injuries.

We caught up with Andrew Clary, MS, MPT, ATC, Physical Therapist and Owner of FROGS Physical Therapy, to find out more about this amazing tool for golf training.

Plus, watch the video below to see the BioFit golf assessment in motion at FROGS Physical Therapy:

AFM: Please tell us all about BioFit Golf Performance Academy and the BioFit Golf Simulator—How does the technology help improve your golf swing?                            
Andrew Clary (AC): BioFit Golf Performance is the first of its kind to look at the limitations in the golf swing and initially look at the limitations within the musculoskeletal system. Identifying alignment issues and biomechanical limitations due to restrictions in joints, joint capsules, tight muscles and weak muscles. Then we will look at 3D analysis of the golf swing and see where significant improvement can occur. We then correlate fitness markers we have identified and identify weak areas for improvement.

AFM: What is K-Motion technology and how does it work to enhance your best golf performance?  
AC: “Perception of Golf Swing is not always Reality” K- Motion system provides a very visual evaluation of the golf swing and identifies critical areas in the golfers Address position, Top of the Back Swing and at Impact.  We evaluate positioning of the pelvis and torso in all 3 planes. We then can use the programs Biofeedback component to train each position so the golfer can: “See, Feel and Hear” the proper set up position, top of the back swing position and proper impact position.  Now “Perception will be Reality.”

The BioFit Golf Simulator at FROGS Physical Therapy at SOHO Scottsdale

AFM: Would you recommend coming in for “check ups” or training with the Simulator to track progress? If so, how often?                                 
AC: Definitely. We have in our program Biofeedback Training and looking at the golf metrics: Ball Speed, Launch Angle, Impact zone, Inside /Out or Outside /In swing and angle of attack. Spin Rate. We use the Foresight Quad golf simulator

AFM: What else does BioFit offer residents of SOHO Scottsdale?  
AC: BioFit Golf Performance is located within FROGS Physical Therapy. A comprehensive outpatient orthopedic PT Clinic. We have a Neurac System  from Norway and we are the only Level 3 Neurac provider in Arizona. We specialize in Dysfunctional assessment, meaning: We evaluate the underlying cause of an injury. Most injuries have an underlying biomechanical deficiency which created the injury.  Every one should have a biomechanical assessment yearly just like they have a physical yearly. Especially before they start engaging in any strenuous activities or return to an activity after an extended hiatus.

AFM: Please feel free to add anything else!—
AC: FROGS Physical Therapy and BioFit Golf Performance Academy are committed to providing state of the art care and we offer our services to the residence of SOHO and outside residence of the local community. Additionally we have patients from all over the world who come for therapy due to our individual and unique approach.  We are changing the way we care for spine /back relate injuries; rehab of extremities. We believe in proximal stabilization and full mobility prior to comprehensive strength program.  We also want to change how people workout (specifically for movement sports such as golf , tennis, cycling, hockey, soccer etc)

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