Knoll Designs Opens in Tempe


In past years, Tempe has undone a revitalization ridding its old and unattractive facades with new sleek architecture that has been getting its fare share of attention. The city’s most award-winning property sits front and center at the heart of Tempe’s iconic lake. Hayden Ferry Lakeside is a world-class development project that’s received nationally recognition for its mixed-use development of stunning adobes, premiere retail space and mesmerizing views. When complete this project will span more than 43 acres, stretching from Mill Avenue to Rural Road along the entire south shoreline from bridge to bridge.

Adding to the areas already energetic vibe is the grand opening of internationally recognized furniture designer Knoll, which will soon envelope 6,500 square feet of Hayden Ferry’s three-story retail space. This modern design center showcases furniture that not only defines a space, it creates a room. With styles that have transformed time, Knoll can proudly say more than 40 of its hand-crafted pieces are on permanent display in New York’s prestigious Museum of Modern Art.

From its initial first carving back in 1938, Knoll has expanded to include KnollStudio furniture, KnollTextiles and its newest addition, the Knollluxe Collection. Today, this elite company seeks out the most sought after designers to create their unique line of furnishings.

When building their environmentally-conscious and ergonomically-efficient furniture for the workplace or home, industry leading designers keep every aspect of furniture detail in mind, right down to the most minute accessories—just tour their very detailed online gallery.

*KnollStudio offers a chic selection of stylish chairs (and tables) that add inspiration to any room.
*KnollLuxe fuses straight from the runway designs with the finest textiles around. These garments, made whole or in part, incorporate all-natural and organic fibers that keep with the renewable practices of the company. Knoll even goes as far as incorporating GreenGuard certified fabrics, which don’t emit harmful toxins.
*KnollTextiles offers an array of colors, patterns and textile options for the contemporary office.

“Knoll is a design-centric tenant that fits perfectly with the artistic-focused atmosphere and architecture of Hayden Ferry Lakeside,” says Randy Levin, vice president of commercial/urban development and design for SunCor Development Company. “The showroom will attract designers, corporate customers and residents from across the Valley.”

With an economy slowly rising from the ashes, Knoll’s relocation from Phoenix gives Tempe a glimmer of hope. What’s more, this new location is one of 20 Knoll showrooms to debut throughout North America.
—Christine Whitton

  1. Can’t wait for this to open! Their furniture looks amazing and it will be a great addition to the area.

  2. Tempe still has a long way to go but this will definitely make the drive down more worth it!

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