How to Invest in Real Estate The Smart Way, Expert Advice by The Jason Mitchell Group

Jonathan Leaman

This week, real estate sales consultant Jonathan Leaman from The Jason Mitchell Group gives his expert real estate advice and tips on real estate investing around the Valley. 

Jonathan Leaman, The Jason Mitchell Group

Anyone can be a Real Estate investor, whether you can afford a condo or a multi million dollar complex, you have to start somewhere, small or large, there is a path for everyone!  We are seeing a huge increase in Airbnbs and multi-family investments in Arizona’s booming economy. Investors are pulling their money out of expensive markets with less rental income potential. Per the 2017 US Census Bureau study, Arizona is one of the fastest growing states with Maricopa County as the number one fastest growing counties in the United States.  Yelp, Uber and Shutterfly just to name a few recently opened offices in Arizona and many more on the horizon  bringing young tech employees wanting to rent instead of buy which provides a great investment opportunity.

There are several keys to success when buying investment properties: Golden rule of real estate is location, you must be able to attract quality tenants which will maintain the property in a better condition and will pay more. Condition of the property is also important to attract and maintain a quality tenants. If the property is presentable and clean you will get top dollar and attract a quality tenant. Size of the property has to fit the area; don’t buy a small condo in a primarily single family home neighborhood and expect top dollar or buy the only single family home in a high density city area.

The keys to success are similar for condos, single family homes, multifamily and Airbnb/VRBO properties. I can go over those in greater detail in a one on one meeting.

Any size real estate investing can bring long term gains. There are several resources available for first time home buyers to multi-family investment properties. I have the experience and the expertise to help guide you through the entire process.

To find out more information, you can reach Jon personally at or by calling 480-522-1030.

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