Home Office Must: Get a Spill-Proof Keyboard

Home Office Tip Numero Uno: DO get a spill-resistant keyboard.

We’ve all had our spouts with technology. I, for one, have lost a computer or two to accidental spills between the keys. Yes, that morning cup of coffee was the culprit both times. And while the incidents were costly and albeit embarrassing, the real burn was that they were completely preventable… both of them. And don’t go denying your own close calls, that soda stain near your keyboard’s escape button is an ever present reminder that you too once came thisclose to your very own technological travesty.

The new Cherry Initial keyboard provides 10 million keystroke durability and resistance to liquid spills. The Initial’s flat, modern design integrates a numeric keypad and 5 multimedia hotkeys, including volume control and play/pause for a uniquely high-function keyboard. So it will blend nicely with the computer system you’ve already set up without looking like a sore thumb that doesn’t belong.


Perfect for the accident prone or just plain klutzy, the Initial multimedia keyboard is also ideal for homes with children and pets. Since the keyboard is spill resistant, it is also easy to clean between the keys and get out those bits of Pringles, goldfish or whatever else you have stashed in your bottom desk drawer. While I’m not on the market for a new keyboard at present, this little gadget is on my list for when the inevitable happens. Why change my ways just yet—the third time is the charm, right?

The corded USB keyboard offers a soft, quiet keystroke in a design that is resistant to spilling of water or coffee. The Initial is distinctively easy to use, with no software to install. The new Initial is available in stock at Cherry and through a wide variety of Cherry distributors and resellers, making it easy to get your hands on one pronto. The Cherry company also makes several other tech-y gadgets to improve the daily wear and tear of your computer products while extending their usage life.

Cherry is a brand of ZF Electronics Corporation, manufacturer of computer keyboards, standard and custom electrical switches, sensors and controls for the worldwide automotive, computer and consumer/commercial OEM markets. ZF Electronics operates offices and factories in Germany, England, France, Australia, Czech Republic, Mexico, Hong Kong and the United States.

To learn more about the economical Initial multimedia keyboard, call 800.510.1689 or visit www.cherrycorp.com.

  1. I’ve worked with a few people in the past who would GREATLY benefit from this keyboard. One spilled coffee on one in the morning, got it replaced and then spilled soda on that new one at lunch. Running total for Betty; 3 keyboards in one day . . . .

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