Finding Your Home in 2020

Now that you are pre-approved and have chosen Jason Mitchell Real Estate, it is time for us to help you find that home! If you are unsure of exactly what you are looking for, you may need to take the necessary time with your agent to get acquainted with the areas you may consider and the current market trends in order to isolate what exactly you are looking for.

The search is the most exciting part of the process for a first-time homebuyer. Have fun, take notes, take some pictures, be reasonable and be efficient and responsive with your agent.

Sometimes, people come into my office with a specific vision of what they want. They know what reasonable, and it’s is relatively easy to find them a home. Other clients may need a tour of the areas that support their budget. I consult with the most new clients for an hour or so, asking questions about the particular new home they have in mind, what it looks like, what it needs, how it needs to work for them and their daily lives, what they hate about their current habitat, and so on. All this will help provide me with a foundation for looking for homes based on their defined criteria.

It is important to know what you are looking for before your agent starts sending you properties from the multiple listing service (MLS). If your agent knows what you are looking for, you can save time and effort by only looking at homes that fit your needs and budget. Some work at the beginning really helps improve the quality of the results.

Once I meet with the client and get a good idea of what will work, I do a search and send them the results. If no further tweaking is needed, the client reviews the results and chooses their favorite, and we go see their favorite choices in person.

In California, Arizona, Texas, Washington, Utah, Michigan, Nevada, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, New Jersey and New York, we have teams of amazing agents who go above and beyond for their clients, the hands-on approach they take with every client and deal that we handle, is second to none. Jason Mitchell has built a system that makes the home buying or selling process for clients and agents seamless. Having incredible partners, technology, and leadership is an essential aspect needed when you decide to buy or sell a home. Call me now, and I can get you set up in the search for your dream home. Thomas Girard, 619.372.1636,

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