Easy Ways to Prep Your Home for Rental

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By Nick Calvi, Founder and CEO of Tweener Homes

Renting out your home is an easy way to generate additional income. It’s especially worth taking advantage of here in Arizona, where about 200 people are moving each day. In fact, Sky Harbor Airport recorded its busiest month ever last March with nearly 4.5 million travelers passing through. How can you earn top dollar on your second or seasonal home? The answer is easy – prep your home to make it the most attractive in the market. At Tweener Homes, we recommend a few easy tips that will help your home stand out to potential tenants.

Use High-Quality Photos

Showcase your home’s best features with high-quality photos. If you don’t feel confident taking photos from your phone, consider hiring a professional photographer. We always notice that our Tweener Homes listings that incorporate high-resolution, professional photos set themselves apart from other online listings and see more success. If you opt for taking the photos yourself, take as many as possible to fully show every room in your home. Lastly, be sure to always add a detailed listing description to match your photos.

Cleanliness and Amenities Matter

To earn top dollar on your rental property, your home should appear as clean and updated as possible. Double check to ensure all your appliances and amenities such as the dishwasher, TV, pool, or stove are working properly. It’s also a good idea to have your home deep cleaned. Tenants rent your home with the expectation that everything will be clean and working properly, and you won’t want to risk a bad review if your home isn’t up to par.

If you’re concerned about your home being damaged by renters who are looking to throw a party, consider finding a rental company that avoids the “weekend warriors.” Tweener Homes is designed for those looking for an “in-between” home for one to eleven months and avoids the crowds who are searching for a weekend party house.

Add Special Touches

Consider adding simple, unique touches to your property to help it stand out. A few tasteful decorations go a long way when renters are judging solely off online images of the home. Once you do have renters, keep up the special touches. Leave a good first impression by going the extra mile. For example, stock the fridge with waters or soda or leave instructions out on how to use the appliances. If your tenants don’t know the area, put together a list of great places to eat around your home. The tenants will appreciate the gesture and will be more likely to leave a great review or recommend you.

Earn the maximum potential on your home by implementing these easy tips. Taking extra time and focusing on the small things to make your home stand out will always go a long way and be worth the outcome.

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