Does Prepping Your Home for a Listing Have to Break the Bank?

We have all seen the television shows on the cable network that flip homes and make them beautiful, right? While those shows glamorize the way real estate is sold, what actually happens when us mere mortals with limited spending money need to sell our home? Do we tear apart our kitchens, bathrooms, knock down walls and redo the landscape in the backyard? Sounds exhausting already! Preparing your home for the market does require some work on the seller’s part, but this preparation can help you get the most money for your home.

Fair Market Value (Proper Pricing)
Your first step is to meet with a real estate professional who knows the market and can give you an accurate analysis on the market and your neighborhood. Remember, not all neighborhoods are created equal. There are many factors that are taken into place when pricing your home. A professional will show you hard data of how the market is behaving in moment. They can answer questions such as:
How many markets are on the market?
How many days are homes staying on the market (in my neighborhood)?
How does my home compare to the recent sales in my neighborhood?
Do I have enough equity in my home to sell?

We understand selling your home can be a little stressful. Our homes are our sanctuary therefore it can be difficult to have a stranger come in and criticize the
condition of it but let us remember that as real estate professional we are there to guide you and help you make the most money for your home. We work with buyers and sellers every day. We are knowledgeable to what buyers are looking for and what turns them away.

Is your house clean? I know we all have a different comfort level when it comes to cleanliness but I can promise you this…if you have a dirty house, you will leave money on the table. I cannot tell you how many times I have showed a dirty house, and the buyers immediately walked back out. If you do not have the time to do it yourself, hire a cleaning service. Before allowing your home to go on the market make sure your kitchen is clean, this includes counters, appliances, pantry and under the kitchen sink. The bathrooms, you ask? Especially the bathrooms! Nothing turns a buyer away like rings in a toilet or a dirty shower. Let’s not forget about the walls and baseboards throughout the house!

How does your house smell? Do you have pets? Are you a smoker? What about food? Do you cook a lot and the house smells like your spices? Smell is a very real thing when walking into a space. It can either pull you in or detract you completely.

Part of the cleaning process includes removing the clutter from your home. This helps the sale of your home in several ways. The less “things” we have out the
better the home shows. In this case less is more. Remove as much as possible from the countertops, and put away your family pictures. Buyers want to walk into a house and be able to imagine themselves living in that space. A home that is too personalized makes it difficult for buyer to do this. Putting away all the extras also helps maximize the size of the room.

Our eyes are definitely drawn to curb appeal. I am not suggesting you paint the outside and put in brand new landscaping but do clean it up. Take the time to give the driveway a quick power wash or pull out the weeds you have been putting off. This also applies to your backyard. Remember, all these things mean extra work for the buyer, which in turn translates to a lower offer than your asking price. Yared Rivera, 702.677.6921,

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