Design Spotlight: Farm Fresh


Fit for a large family, this modern farmhouse offers a creative use of space and a welcoming aesthetic that is comforting yet modern. Jordan Huffman, interior architect with Est Est Incorporated, takes us on a tour.

Kitchen and Living Space:

“This modern farmhouse has a unique take on comfort and simplicity while creating an aura that can make anyone feel at home upon entry. The prime objective for the end user of this home was functionality and the usage of space. With a large family, head count and a space for everyone to feel comfortable in was quite a challenge. Next came the combination of materials to create a balance between comfort and modern flair. Creating a neutral finish with tone-on-tone elements, like board and batten, siding and paneling, is a classic way to create added architectural interest without adding distractions. Warm wood flooring is consistent throughout the main living areas. Natural material elements, like brick and metal, are tastefully incorporated into the architecture of the home in specific areas. An example of this would be the kitchen hood and the accent wall in the master. Metal, rope and exposed bulbs, consistent throughout the lighting package, add a modern flare. Plush sofas, comfy accent chairs, cushioned bar stools and layers of throw pillows and blankets infuse a layer of comfort in each space.”


“Sometimes when trying to fit multiple functions into a small space, creative use of millwork elements are the best solution. In this instance, that was just the case. The end user needed a room with multiple sleeping spaces along with incorporating an entertainment element. By creating a bunk wall on the far side of the room, it allowed for the rest of the room to be utilized by allowing for crafts and games. The theme for this room is Anchors Away!, so the bunk area is reminiscent of a ship. Each bunk nook has a port-hole personalized reading light and functional drapery for privacy. Craft tables, bean bags for lounging and chalk board for drawing complete this design in a functional way.”


“This unique wall covering adds interest to the vanity wall of this Jack-and-Jill bathroom. While smaller in size, it is one of the most visually appealing bathrooms due to this feature. Upon entering the space, viewers instantly gravitate to this wall to touch it, only to find out that it is vinyl wall covering—not mosaic tile. This creates the perfect backdrop to complement the rustic barn-wood mirror, exposed bulb pendant lights and under-mount trough sink.”

Outdoor Living:

“One of the most important features in the flow of a home is its connection to the exterior. Successfully creating a functional outdoor living space means making an extension to your indoor living area. This outdoor space does just that. The use of the brick flooring material carries outside to create a seamless transition connecting the two spaces. Panoramic sliding doors that fully retract into the walls open the spaces up even more and create an even more fluid flow inside to out. Multiple vignettes were created so a large family can fully enjoy their outdoor space. Creative problem solving with space planning was key in the flow of connecting these vignettes. The lot is wide and narrow with ample side yard space and we took advantage of it. Locating the pool straight off of the main living area is a common approach. In this design, location of the pool was placed off to the side, segregating one side of the yard with cabanas, corn hole and loungers. The central portion of the outdoor space, directly off of the common living area, is for relaxing, dining and cooking. The right side portion of the side yard offers more private areas, equipped with a she shed for the lady of the house’s personal interests and private hot tub off of the master suite. With a family this large, everyone needs their own space, and this outdoor space functions perfectly for the end user.”

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