Chandler is the Most Sought-Out City by Arizona Renters, Report

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Chandler is the most popular city in Arizona for renters, according to a recent study by RentCafe

Over the past year, Chandler has seen increased rental activity, with more renters showing interest in Chandler than any other city in Arizona. This makes Chandler the most sought-after city in the state by renters, as well as one of the top 30 U.S. with the highest rental activity to look out for in 2024. 

To determine the most in-demand rental hubs of 2023, researchers at RentCafe closely monitored the renter interest in 150 U.S. cities over the last 12 months and ranked each one across multiple categories, including availability of apartments, apartments saved as favorites, page views and saved personalized searches. The latest Rental Activity Report highlights the most searched cities for renting and hints where demand is likely to stay high in the coming months. 

Among the top 30 cities for high rental activity in the U.S., Chandler ranks No. 28 overall. In total, the Arizona city ranked in RentCafe’s Top 30 most sought-after cities by renters five times in 2023, peaking at No. 13 in the October Rental Activity Report. 

Chandler is the only city in Arizona to land a spot among the report’s 30 most sought-after U.S. cities, showing that the destination is of strong interest to renters. Looking closer, Chandler rental listings saw a 19% increase in page views from 2022 to 2023. Plus, the number of Chandler properties that were favorited in 2023 tripled by 195% from 2022, which was the 6th highest increase among all 150 cities analyzed. 

This buzzing rental activity in Chandler not only surpassed larger cities in Arizona, like Phoenix, it also surpassed larger rental hubs in the U.S., including Seattle, Wash. The high demand also led to 6% fewer available rental listings in Chandler on, according to the report. 

Outside of the top 30 cities for high rental activity, Peoria landed at No. 48 and Phoenix followed at No. 51. In Peoria, favorited properties doubled from 2022 to 2023 and listing traffic increased by 9%. Regionally, Chandler is the West’s most in-demand rental hub, while Peoria is the 9th and Phoenix is the 10th. 

Read RentCafe’s Rental Activity Reports here.

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