AZ Reads: Volume 6

Looking to pick up a new book? We’ve asked our favorite Valley VIPs to share their favorite reads of all-time or the tomes they are currently devouring. (And check back next week for more reading recs!)

Trish Gulbranson, Derma Health Skin and Laser

“I want to recommend my favorite business book: Scaling Up by Verne Harnish. I picked it up on my way to Hawaii one year and devoured it the entire trip.  It was so good! Still use it every single day and as a business bible seven years later. It provides an easy and relatable way to have every employee in your business aligned with you on your company’s “why” and your strategic goals.  They know how they fit into the bigger picture and why. The book is relatable to every business owner and executive and it’s simple to read. It provides the methodology and the forms to keep your entire organization organized on one sheet of paper (called a one-page strategic plan). Harnish is a tremendous business mind and even in today’s environment, his webinars are spectacular in guiding businesses through all the legislation and available resources as well as advice on how to weather the storm.”

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