Arizona Has Some of the Safest Cities for Trick-or-Treating, Report

As trick-or-treaters make their rounds from door to door this upcoming Halloween, parents and those who will be braving the evening’s thrills in the Phoenix area this year can be confident knowing that the Valley is home to some of the safest cities for trick-or-treating in the U.S. 

According to a recent study on Halloween safety by the Chamber of Commerce, five Arizona cities rank among the top 20 safest U.S. cities for trick-or-treating in 2023, including Gilbert at No. 2, Chandler at No. 14, Surprise at No. 15, Scottsdale at No. 16 and Peoria at No. 19. 

In order to establish the safest cities on Halloween night, the Chamber of Commerce analyzed data from more than 300 U.S. cities with populations of 100,000 or more across five key metrics that include pedestrian fatalities, violent crime, property crime, the number of registered sex offenders and the number of law enforcement employees, all measured per 10,000 residents.  

According to the findings, Gilbert is the second safest city in the U.S. for trick-or-treating with 16.1 law enforcement employees, 2.2 registered sex offenders, 10.4 violent crimes, 109.6 property crimes and 0.05 pedestrian fatalities per 10,000 residents.  

Chandler is the second safest city for trick-or-treating in the Phoenix area and 14th safest overall with 18.6 law enforcement employees, 3.7 registered sex offenders, 17 violent crimes, 174.9 property crimes and 0.11 pedestrian fatalities per 10,000 residents. 

Surprise, Ariz. follows Chandler as the 15th safest city in the U.S. with 14 law enforcement employees, 4.7 registered sex offenders, 10.5 violent crimes, 146.3 property crimes and 0.11 pedestrian fatalities per 10,000 residents. 

Shortly behind Chandler, Scottsdale has 23.7 law enforcement employees, 2.4 registered sex offenders, 21.7 violent crimes, 238.6 property crimes and 0.16 pedestrian fatalities per 10,000 residents, making it the 16th safest city in the U.S. for trick-or-treating. 

Finally, Peoria ranks as the fifth safest city in the Phoenix area and the 19th safest city in the U.S. on Halloween night with 16.5 law enforcement employees, 5.8 registered sex offenders, 20.9 violent crimes, 157 property crimes and 0.12 pedestrian fatalities per 10,000 residents. 

Find out how safe your community is for trick-or-treating by reading the full study here.

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