2019 Atlanta Housing Market Forecast


“Growth” is an awesome word for the Atlanta, Ga., real estate outlook for 2019. The economy, employment base, population, and the growing housing market should keep Atlanta growing for the next several years to come.
While home inventory level is rising, higher interest rates will make it harder for millennials to purchase a home in 2019. Millennials represent 40-plus percent of all home loan applications. Interest rates are still attractive to start 2019 hovering around 4.55 percent. This represents only a half point higher than the start of 2018.
In the fourth quarter of 2018, a survey was conducted by Zillow. Zillow asked more than 100 real estate economists to make their predictions on what three real estate markets were “most likely to outperform all other real estate markets in the United States.” The three cities on top of this list were: 1) Dallas 2) Washington, D.C. and 3) Atlanta.
Safe to say, Atlanta is going to do well in 2019.
–Wallace Hardy, Managing Broker, 602.549.2856, Whardy@jasonmitchellgroup.com, TheJasonMitchellGroup.com/wallace-hardy

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